PainChek Back-End 2.58.0 and Front-End 3.29.0 Release Notes Update - Tuesday 28th of November 2023

Who should read this?

This release note applies to all PainChek users who are currently using the PainChek Portal.

What's happening?

The PainChek Portal release Backend v.2.58.0 and Frontend v.3.29.0 will be updated on Tuesday 28th of November 2023.

What's changed?

Bug Fixes

  1. UK Support Number: Corrected the incorrect UK support number in the regions endpoint.

  2. SSO Access Error: Fixed an issue where SSO users without access to a facility could sign in on iOS and Android devices but received an error.

  3. Password Reset Issue: Resolved an issue preventing password reset for tenant ID users.

  4. Portal SSO Error Reporting: Enhanced error reporting in the portal when the SSO SAML response lacks a LastName attribute.

  5. Role Name Editing: Addressed a bug where editing a role's name was not reflected in the User's list.

  6. Scheduler Rescheduling Logic: Modified the scheduler to prevent rescheduling a job if it has already been rescheduled.

  7. OS Filter in Installations: Fixed the filter by operating system functionality for installations.

  8. Role Deletion Refresh: Fixed the New roles dialogue box in Portal | Role to refresh properly when a role is removed.

  9. Role Permissions Issue: Solved an issue in Portal | Security->Roles where some users' permissions were wiped out after creating 3 or more roles.

Updates and Enhancements

  1. Security Package Updates: Updated vulnerable packages in the API-backend for enhanced security.

  2. Vue 3 and Vuetify Upgrades: Completed remaining Vue 3 fixes and upgraded various modules (Auth, Reports, SSO Configuration, Integration, Webhook, Installations, Security, Users, Locations, Assessments, Residents, Licenses, Analytics, Home) with Vuetify.

What do I have to do?

There's no action required. The update will occur on the server so when you log in after the update is applied, you will already be using the latest version.

In the unlikely event that the PainChek Portal gives an error after the upgrade, please clear the cache from your web browser. Please speak with your internal IT team if your web browser needs the cache cleared.

Where can I get more information?

Email us at or call on 1800 098 809 during business hours.

For general information about PainChek, visit us at