PainChek Android Release Note - Update 4.8 May 2018

Who should read this?

This release note applies applies to all PainChek users who use the PainChek Android application.

What is the PainChek Android app?

The PainChek Android app is an application that allows pain assessments to be be carried out using devices running android versions 6.0 and later - i.e. Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo.  For more details on supported devices, search for "supported devices" at

What's happening?

The PainChek Android application, release 4.8, is now available for download from the Google Play Store.

What's changed?

The 4.8 release includes the following improvements over the previous 4.7 version:

  • Improved process the first time the application is started - there are less prompts and messages.  This includes improvements in the timing of the display of the alert that grants PainChek to access to the devices camera.
  • Improved device synchronisation, including adding support for auto synchronisation so that the data on your device is automatically kept up-to-date with the backend database 
  • We record more details about the device - such as the manufacturer, model and PainChek version - so that we have a better understanding of the devices our clients use in order to focus our development, support and documentation efforts in the right areas
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes and improvements

What do I have to do?

If your device is set to receive updates automatically, there is nothing for you to.  PainChek should be updated automatically.

You can check the applications version from the PainChek Dashboard by selecting the "Support" option and then selecting "About PainChek":


Otherwise, access the Google Play store, search for PainChek and download the app.