PainChek iOS Initial Store Version Release Note - Update 2.6 May 2018

What's happening?

The PainChek iOS application, release 2.6, is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

What's changed?

The PainChek iOS application used to be downloaded to our enterprise customers using TestFlight - this is an Apple service designed to distribute beta versions of software for testing purposes.  The TestFlight process adds complexity and delays to the release of our software and is not no longer used. 

From now one you can simply download the PainChek app from the app store (in the same way you'd download any other app from the app store).

This release (2.6) also features some improvements over the current version you are using (most likely 2.4 or earlier):

  • Changed the new patient/client/resident process so that the newly created patient/client/resident record is displayed after it is created (previously, you'd have to search through all of the patient/client/residents to find the new record)
  • Added some introductory screens to the app to explain the purpose of the app to new users
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes some times when entering accomodation/institution details for a patient/client/resident
  • Improved device synchronisation, including adding support for auto synchronisation so that the data on your device is automatically kept up-to-date with the backend database 
  • We record more details about the device - such as the manufacturer, model and PainChek version - so that we have a better understanding of the devices our clients use in order to focus our development, support and documentation efforts in the right areas
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes and improvements

What do I have to do?

Firstly, you need to confirm if your version of PainChek was installed using TestFlight.  If you have TestFlight on your device, the chances are PainChek was installed using it.  This is what the TestFlight app looks like:

The steps required to start using the App Store version of PainChek are:

  1. Sign into the PainChek app and make sure it is synchronised - you'll need internet connectivity for this.  As long as the bottom of the the main dashboard is showing the current date/time after you sign in, your device is synchronised:

    Once your device is synchronised, you can exit the PainChek app.

  2. You can then delete PainChek and TestFlight.  Simply press and hold the TestFlight icon on the home screen for a few seconds.  Once the icons start to wiggle, delete the apps by clicking on the "x" in the top left corner and then confirm that you want to delete the apps.

    Press the home button on your device once the 2 apps are removed.

  3. Launch the Apple App store:
  4. Use the app to download PainChek (the same way tyou would download any app):
    i. Navigate to the search page
    ii. Search for "painchek"
    iii. Download the PainChek app by clicking on the icon

  5. Once PainChek is downloaded, you can sign in and use it as normal

 As we are deleting the existing version of PainChek, your "quick sign in" and "my patients/clients/resident" configuration will be lost and will need to be set-up again

Where can I get more information?

Email us at or call on 1800 098 809 during business hours.

For general information about PainChek, visit us at